How to camp with Toddlers

My daughter Just last weekend my boyfriend and I decided it would be a perfect time to take the kids and dog camping for the first time. At first I thought to myself ” Why on earth are you putting yourself through this ” ??. An other part of me though well you like nature adventures so why not bring your toddlers apart of the experience, yes it will be challenging but isn’t that life?

Little ones waking up

Camping with kids sure has gotten a lot easier over the years due to technology for example we now can rely on are cellphones for emergency which makes camping a lot less scary. Make sure before you plan your trip you sit down with your little one and explain to them all the new things they will be around, the new environment. Make sure you explain to them the dangers of bonfires, what happens if they see a snake,bugs or spider. Basically you want to make sure your little one understands not to touch before asking if its okay. Talk a lot with your little one to make sure they learn a lot of new things during their camping adventure.

No parent ever leave the house without packing nearly all your child’s room packed up for the trip, Camping should be the exact same way as you would never want to be far away from home and realize oups i left my kids favorite articles behind. Always plan ahead and do not wait for the last-minute. I recommend creating a planning list before going for your camping trip. No matter what the weather might be mother nature always has a way of changing with her unpredictable ways. Pack lots of comfy sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, wool socks, sun hats, wool hats, jogging pants, pajamas, comfy shoes, sneakers, etc. If you know you will be around water to swim bring swimming wear. A must is A LOT of wipes you are going to find them so handy.

The toddler tot made my camping experience easier. We all know how air matrices like to lose air during the night, with this you only need to re fill your own matrices.

For your first time camping trip with toddlers I suggest you pick a location not to far from home as not all children like to sit for long periods of time in the car – you would be the best judge for the distance of your trip.

Look for campgrounds that have flush able toilets, my daughter is terrified of the outhouse so I know I would need a real washroom for her. Potable drinking water is a must also however you could always pack lots of bottles of water.

For little guys that are always on the go I suggest bringing a playpen to allow the little guy some play time while mommy and daddy set up camp. If you are planning on going hiking with your little guy bring yourself a backpack for infant that way there they can an amazing experience with you. Make sure to pack LOTS of bug spray, sunscreen , after-bite and aloe very gel.

I hope you enjoy your camping experience just as much as we did !!


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